Aug. 25: Laura's passport arrived in Hong Kong, just 12 days after the original documentation was put in the mail in Hong Kong.

Aug. 15: The package has arrived in the United Kingdom.

Aug. 13: The original documentation for Laura's passport application has been put in the mail system. You can track the package (EA216568625HK) here: Parcel Force.

Aug. 1: The passport application was filled in online. Laura's now waiting for a proof of address from the Hong Kong Government, so she can prove she lives here, and will then send the package to the U.K.

The British passport system is in chaos. In early July, the BBC reported a backlog of 500,000 applicants at the passport office, which had taken over responsibility for citizens living abroad from the Foreign Office.

Laura Ma is attempting to renew her British passport more than a decade after her child passport expired. A Hong Konger by birth, and Canadian by naturalisation, this website tracks the time it has taken Laura to re-assert her British citizenship.

Days... since she applied and paid for her application online.

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