There are several challenges you may want to face to remodel a small bathroom. However, looking for small bathroom is a lot easier than most homeowners may think of. Whether the makeover covers a master bathroom, a dressing room or any small space, you can find superb small bathroom ideas to make space attractive and functional.


Small bathroom comes with both unique issues and common problems for remodelers. Cost is the first issue. Despite the size of bathroom, the basic fixtures should be covered, along with lighting, ventilation, accessibility, and electricity before you explore other ideas. Fitting everything in your small space is another important challenge. Luckily, modern remodeler can find a huge range of fixtures designed for your bathroom theme ideas.

You might install –

  • Only a shower, without tub
  • A smaller and deeper tub
  • Small sink designs
  • A lower toilet
  • Spa shower made on small scale
  • Combination bidet and toilet
  • Wall-mounted or pedestal sink to open more floor area

Another major challenge is finding good bathroom décor ideas. There are different ways to decorate your small space to make it look spacious and larger. Another challenge is providing proper lighting. Natural lighting is always good over artificial lighting but it is not that simple to have windows in this space.

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